Repair and Restoration

This is what we love to do!

We are capable of repairing and restoring clocks in all states of disrepair. We have even restored clocks that were recovered from the bottom of the ocean, which involved extensive replacement of gears that were totally corroded as well as significant issues with cases. One repair was a ships clock recovered from a German submarine by a Canadian diver at the end of the war that had been severely damaged when the vessel was sunk by the fleeing Germans.

To the right are sequential pictures of the custom manufacture of a replacement french baroque minute hand for a client.

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Dial Restoration

We can restore painted iron, porcelain and silver dials.

This is a service we offer for clocks we overhaul only.

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A clock is a complicated instrument and requires regular maintenance.

A complete overhaul and cleaning should be performed at regular intervals to keep your heirloom clock operating smoothly and accurately. Because as airborne dust mixes with the oils in your clock, they eventually form a paste that wears and grinds the pivots and bushings in the movement to the point where the gears and wheels no longer mesh properly, and soon the clock loses efficiency and eventually fails to keep running.

One would not think of not changing the oil on a fine car regularly, and the same is true of a fine clock! Please, never think of lubricating a clock with a product like spray silicone or WD-40. They are not designed for a clock’s delicate mechanism. Clock maintenance is best left to an experienced professional, and the German Clockmaker was first established in 1906 in Cologne, Germany.

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Do you have questions about the age and value of your antique clock or barometer?

We can research your piece for you and provide information to help you with planning appropriate insurance coverage as well as to satisfy your curiosity. We would need to be supplied with detailed photos of the clock’s front, back and movement to give you a general sense of the realistic market price and dealer price range for your clock.

We try to back up our appraisals with recent auction records to augment our own general knowledge. Astronomical Clock, Augsburg, Germany 1568. Value: almost priceless.

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Service Calls

Like an old fashioned family doctor, we make house calls!

Like an old fashioned family doctor, we make house calls! Simply phone ( 831) 920-2400 or (415) 416-4972. House calls are generally scheduled within 10 days of your call, depending upon your location. We can arrange a convenient appointment time, including weekends and evenings if necessary. We take pride in being prompt with all appointments. Once in your home or office, we will evaluate the problem, give you an estimate for any necessary repairs, and let you decide

A normal appointment takes about a half an hour. If we find a problem that cannot be resolved with a service call, only the movement and pendulum will be removed from the clock and taken back to the shop for further and more thorough attention.

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Need help with the transportation of your clock?

We can pick up, pack, insure and ship your clock around the world; prepare your large clock for a move across town or simply set it up if you’ve just moved in. Feel free to call us for advice.

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